Spot the robot company Boston Dynamics (USA) got the ability to remotely control from anywhere in the world, thanks to a partnership with cloud platform Rocos (New Zealand). To demonstrate the new opportunities the American team of enthusiasts took control of the robot, which was on a remote farm in New Zealand.

Boston Dynamics is gradually expanding repertoire Spot. So, last month, he began to help physicians interact remotely with patients with coronavirus, and before that was patrolling the oil rigs and monitoring of construction sites.

Having signed a partnership agreement with Boston Dynamics, the developers of Rocos has significantly expanded the functionality of Spot, which he demonstrated on the farm in New Zealand to herd flocks of sheep.

New software platform allows you to remotely control any number of Spot. This allows to control the robot manually and monitor its operations, of necessity, switching it to the other tasks.

Source — Businesswire