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Amsterdam, April 2020

Anneleven / DepositPhotos

Bars and restaurants in the Netherlands will resume from June 1, but with the restriction on the number of guests, reports the Associated Press.

Institutions will be able to take no more than 30 visitors at a time, subject to distance. On outdoor porches and terraces of the people will be obliged to sit exclusively at the tables.

Also from June 1, is expected to resume cinemas, theatres and concert halls. There will also limit the maximum number of viewers – up to 30 people in the room. In the museums the number of visitors will determine, depending on the area of a room.

According to the Prime Minister of the Netherlands Mark Rutte, the country enters into the next stage of lifting restrictions, which is defined as “smart insulation”. At this time people are urged to keep a distance and, if possible, the isolation, and continue to work from home, reports “Interfax”.

This week the restrictions imposed in connection with the spread of the coronavirus, weaken and in Denmark. There has resumed cafes, pubs and restaurants. However, the owners were allowed to place the visitor at a distance at least one meter from each other.

Also the tables should be the same distance or some kind of protection, such as plastic screen. Finally, owners should provide visitors the opportunity to wash my hands.

Now in Denmark do not have to wear masks, and residents were allowed to gather in groups of up to 10 people. In the country previously opened a nursery and primary school, started to work beauty salons and other enterprises of small and medium businesses.

It is expected that in June in Denmark to open the museums, cinemas and zoos.