Today, may 26, it became known that the Polish section of the Yamal pipe
– Europe has completely stopped and the gas is not in Germany for this
route. It is noted that the supply of gas to in paragraph Malinov fell on weekend.
This is reported Диалог.UA citing data from the company Gascade, which
published in TASS.

It is noted that on may 25, the pipeline has delivered more than 1 million cubic meters, but much lower
the stated agreements.

All deliveries are made by the company Gaz-System,
as a direct contract Warsaw and Moscow on the transit expired on may 17.

It is noted that may 26 was reserved only 3.7 %
the capacity of the pipe and, most of all, increased supplies through Ukraine and the project “North
the stream”. At the same time in Gaz-System stress that in June the pipeline
booked at 93% capacity.

Earlier it became known that Poland refused to renew
long-term contract with Russian Gazprom on delivery of gas for
the pipeline Yamal – Europe. It is noted, Moscow is losing control over
the sole gas supplies to Europe.

Prior to this, the experts explained that Russia loses gas market
Poland. And on 17 may, the transit of gas through Poland to Moscow will be
even more expensive, and the Kremlin could lose competition to other gas suppliers to the EU.

We will remind, earlier it became known that in case of reduction of gas supplies from Russia to Poland Kyiv will support the state and provide energy
safety in Warsaw and throughout Europe.