Georgian authorities claim that no invasion of Russian border guards is not fixed, while journalists and activists who came to understand the situation in the village is not allowed.
In the Georgian village said Russian border guards / photos

In the Georgian village of Khurvaleti located along the separation line with the self-proclaimed Republic of South Ossetia, yesterday said Russian border guards in masks.

As the “Echo of the Caucasus”, journalists and activists decided to head to the village after a day on their Facebook page, a resident of the village of Khurvaleti, Lyudmila Salia wrote:

“SOS! We need your help! In Khurvaleti, entered the Russian occupiers and occupied the outskirts of the village. Please pay attention to us, help! In Khurvaleti, in the yards of the residents are Russian occupants”.

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Within minutes her post was shared by several thousand people. Soon a representative of the anti-occupation movement “Strength in unity” David katsarava was standing at the entrance to the village and leading a live broadcast in social networks, called on citizens to defend the village from attack of the Russian invaders:

“The situation is extremely tense, extremely difficult. We demand that the entire government, the entire civil sector come here because the Russian again take away our land.”

Worried and perturbed David katsarava and came with him to activists, which became more and more, the police banned the entrance to the village. The restriction touched and journalists.

By the time GBS of Georgia, followed by the Mission of observers Ecoprofile information about the presence of Russian border guards in the village of Khurvaleti, controlled by the Georgian authorities. But the activists did not want to leave. See with your own eyes what is happening in Khurvaleti, wanted and journalists.

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A resident of the village Lyudmila Salia continued to insist that he saw Russian military.

“I looked up and saw them (Russian border guards) standing with splayed legs, with guns and with masks on their faces. They took new territory. They were at least eight people. They stood in front of the tower, in the garden, Batonishvili. When the second time I came, they were gone, it seems, they were forced to move back,” she said.

Georgian authorities claim that no new attempts boergesenii were recorded.

“No incident was recorded, as well as not fixed and new attempts of barterisation. As you can see, in place of the patrol observation mission of the EU, we have constant communication. In addition, I want to encourage everyone to refrain from any actions or statements that can serve as a provocation and to threaten the security of the place,” said the Minister for reconciliation and civil equality Ketevan Tsikhelashvili.

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However, activists remain at the police post to move in Khurvaleti, demanding permission to travel to the village.

As reports “Echo of Moscow” the situation surrounding these events is heating up and, more recently, on 10 March, 29-the summer citizen of Georgia was detained at the so-called border with Abkhazia. After a few hours of so-called “government” of Abkhazia declare the death of a citizen of Georgia Irakli Kvaratskhelia. He left a wife and child. Body handed over to relatives. Unrecognized regime said that 29 year old citizen of Georgia, whom they detained, killed himself in the cell.

And in recent years this is not the first case of death of Georgian citizens on the territory of Abkhazia, causing numerous issues. These days in Georgia held the funeral for the 12 identified to the Georgians, who went missing back in the 90s, when Russia acted against Georgia in Abkhazia.