During the weekend the Russian audience will see several interesting premieres. Director Alexander Shane will present the result of their six years — the movie “Makowski”, unusual form depicting life of Russian poet-futurist. The rentals are come Russian horror film “the Queen of spades: through the looking glass”, the American adaptation of the play by Anton Chekhov “the Seagull” and the ethno-fantasy “Water”. About these and other premieres at RT.

  • Still from the film “the Queen of spades. Through the looking glass”
  • © kinopoisk.ru

“The Queen of spades: through the looking glass”

In 2015 came the Russian horror “the Queen of spades: Black rite”. The film tells about the terrible Ghost — Queen of spades, who terrorize four teenagers and their families. Painting with a rather modest budget of 45 million roubles has managed to collect at the box office worth three times more, so a sequel was only a matter of time.

March 14 in Russian cinemas premiered a sequel called “the Queen of spades: through the looking glass”. This time with a sinister Ghost will have to face the boarding students. In one of the rooms of the building, the children find an old mirror and hold before him the mystic rite, which brings to life the Queen of spades.


“Makowski” is an experimental film by Director Alexander Shein, dedicated to the life of Russian poet-futurist Vladimir Mayakovsky. Work on the film lasted for six years. The Director was attracted to her friends and colleagues — actors, artists and musicians who are also engaged in the study of the poet. The role of a Mayakovsky is played by the actor Yuri Kolokolnikov. The film also starred Chulpan Khamatova, Yevgeny Mironov, and Mikhail Efremov.

Audiences should be prepared for the fact that “Makowski” not like the classic biopic. The picture is a mixture of staged scenes, recordings of rehearsals and excerpts from the documentary, personnel records and mocumentary. The script of the film chronologically to the biography of the poet and covers all the stages of his personal life, creativity and power relations. All this, according to the creators, is to give the viewer the opportunity to plunge into the world of the poet’s works and the era in which he lived.




The action of this Comedy drama set in California 1990-ies. The story is about a boy named Stevie. The family treats him like a little child and do not want to see that he’s matured. Stevie decides to make friends with skateboarders, most of which are much older than him. To earn the respect of new friends, the boy is ready for the craziest antics.

In preparation for the “Mid-90s” directed by Jonah hill (“Macho and nerdy”, “moneyball” and “the Wolf of wall street”) and his colleagues have done a good job of recreating the atmosphere of a bygone era. The picture is filled with the trappings of bygone days: cassettes VHS, game consoles and many others. As the soundtrack hill used popular in those years the music, and to give the image more authenticity, shot the film on 16 mm film.



“The Seagull” by Anton Chekhov filmed many times. However, Hollywood Director Michael Mayer considered that another film based on the great plays will not be superfluous.

The script of the tape generally follows the plot outline of classical works. Viewers will see familiar characters: passionate literary work of Konstantin trepleva, writer Boris Trigorin, and the daughter of a wealthy landowner Nina Zarechnaya, who dreams of playing in the theater.


“Time of revenge”

A detective from the Los Angeles Erin bell and her partner Chris are introduced to a dangerous gang of Bank robbers. While working undercover between the two officers tied a romantic relationship. Once bell persuades her lover to take part in the robbery and to assign the stolen money.

For his starring role in the Thriller directed by Karyn Kusama Nicole Kidman was nominated for the award “Golden globe”, but the award is not received.


The main characters family fantasy “the Water” Director Alexei Barykin — brother and sister, who are sent on summer vacations in the village. Camping turns into a dangerous adventure when their mom is kidnapped by a terrible witch — Water.

The film was shot in the village of Big Casiri, located on the territory of the Republic of Tatarstan. The plot is based on the works of the scientist-ethnographer of the XIX century Kayum Nasyri. Some scenes of “Water” filmed in his house-Museum.