The soldiers of the army of the Russian Federation entered the territory of independent Georgia, occupying the village of Khurvaleti and taking local people into captivity. Georgian police refused to act and to comment on the situation of the media, witnesses told reporters about the invasion.

The Russian military entered the village of Khurvaleti, which is located on the line of separation in the zone of Georgian-Ossetian conflict “Диалог.UA”.

It is reported by the leader of the anti-occupation movement “Strength in unity” David katsarava, reports “Echo of the Caucasus”. According to him, in Khurvaleti are activists.

Information was also confirmed by local residents in social networks, noting that Russian troops had occupied part of the village.

While the Georgian police are blocking in the direction of journalists and the audience of citizens, blocking all the aisles and refusing to comment on the situation.

Local residents reported that the situation in the village remains tense. The Russian army crossed the demarcation line and not let people on their own land. The movement of Russian troops was seen near the village of Atotsi.

According to the mayor of Gori municipality Konstantin Tavzarashvili, military masks are controlled by the Central authorities of Georgia territory. “While it is unknown the motive of their appearance. On the place are of Georgian law enforcement authorities”, — said Tavzarashvili.

Earlier, the village of Khurvaleti on the part of the self-proclaimed Republic of South Ossetia, the Russian military has set up an observation post with the HSE.

We will remind, advocate Solovyov decided to force Ukraine to “peace”: “let’s Do it brilliantly, like in Georgia and Syria.”