In the French city of Dijon three days of clashes between Chechens and Africans after beating teenager

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June 14 and 15 riots in Dijon continued. Last Monday on the streets of the city gathered about 150 natives of Chechnya. Many of them were armed. Some of them set fire to cars, overturned trash cans, and also fired in the air

Freeze video France 3 Bourgogne Franche-Comté /

Natives of Chechnya rioted in the French city of Dijon for the alleged beating of 16-year-old Chechen gang of drug dealers. Local media reported dozens injured, the footage from the scene shows burnt cars and many policemen.

The unrest began on the night of 13 June, when a group of people wearing hoods attacked the hookah. In the hands of the attackers had baseball bats, knives and fittings. The clashes involved the Chechens and drug traffickers from North Africa. Police dispersed the rioters using tear gas, but nobody was detained, informs TV channel France Info. The Deputy public Prosecutor in Dijon said about 10 wounded.

It is believed that the reason for the clashes was the beating of 16-year-old representative of the Caucasian community, which is now in serious condition. The police were able to contact representatives of communities that stated that they had some “problem” with the local dealers. According to this source, on the night of 14 June a meeting was held to “ease tensions” between the representatives of the Chechen community and group of dealers. In these discussions “unidentified person” allegedly shot machine representatives of the two communities. At the same time in the same night he was wounded the Manager of the pizzeria on the outskirts of Gresil.

June 14 and 15 riots in Dijon continued. Last Monday on the streets of the city gathered about 150 natives of Chechnya. Many of them were armed. Some of them set fire to cars, overturned trash cans, and also fired into the air, reports the Russian service of the BBC. The residents of Dijon were shocked and scared of what he saw. Protesters threw stones at the car of journalists local channel France 3.

In the city to restore order were in addition directed more than 100 police officers from other regions. In connection with the riots is under investigation. As stated by the prefect of Dijon, Bernard Schmelz, the unrest on Monday was not the result of actions of the Chechen community and was triggered by the residents of the city.

In addition, the night before in the area of the accident: the car was driven at very high speeds near a crowd of Chechens and turned over. The eye rushed to the car, but, apparently, did nothing to the driver, who was seriously injured and is in hospital. According to the Prosecutor of Dijon Eric mate, the man operated the car in an alcohol intoxication, his intentions still unknown.

Municipal Councilor Dijon Hamid El Hassouni directly accused officials of inaction by writing about this post in Facebook. “I blame the prefect that he refused to the inhabitants of the district Gresil! I accuse the media of lying and spreading hatred: it is not in the drug trade and the war community! I know of only one community, the national community!” – the Deputy wrote, stating that in the last three days 8,000 people “went through hell”, and the Commissioner of police and officials who exploit violence, “inappropriate” and should be held accountable for these events.

“I didn’t have the impression that the state has surrendered” – commented on the words of the Deputy Prosecutor of Dijon, stating “maximum mobilization” by the police. Prefect Bernard Schmelz issued a press release in which it called on all to remain calm and not “overused words” in order not to aggravate the situation. “The police and gendarmes did their duty strictly professional in such a difficult situation,” he said.

According to Le Figaro, a translation of the article, which leads InoPressa, 16-year-old Chechen, the beating of which was the reason for the riots, “wanted to help the Balkan friends (Serbs or Albanians, depending on version) to defend against alleged drug traffickers from the community of immigrants from the Maghreb”.

According to the publication, in recent weeks, “self-defense” in the Caucasian style was observed in other areas of France. 30 April in Troyes, about 50 people drove three Chechens from refugee center. Those he fought against Africans, accused of assaulting a Caucasian child. Another incident occurred in may at Rouen and related to the attempted kidnapping from the community of a young man: the alleged kidnappers were ready to confront dozens of people. “The police are already watching this inter-communal tensions and mentions “territorial wars”, stressing the existence of a Caucasian criminal groups”, – says the publication.

Former Chairman of the Association of Caucasians in Strasbourg, the head of the press service of the Assembly of European Chechens Shamil Albakov stated that the punitive expedition against drug dealers should not become the rule. “But we felt abandoned by the police during the quarantine. Whenever was once a bargain, has a problem: we had to live permanently under the control of traffickers. The Chechens were able to repel Russia, and we are not going to obey some Joker,” said he.

In mid-October 2018 French police arrested in the Paris suburb of Saint-Denis 23 Chechen who demanded that drivers entering the Paris of Eastern Europe for 200 Euro, monthly getting in this way up to 200 thousand euros. Some of the detainees were in the police database of persons potentially prone to radical Islamist activities.

In may of the same year, French police evacuated people from Saint-Charles train station in Marseille after the arrest of the suspicious man. The alarm was raised by patrolling the station and the military, which drew attention to the backpack, from which protruded wires, and battery. The detained owner of the bag refused to answer questions about the contents of the backpack as well as tell his name. Later it became known that the man is a native of Chechnya, and in the bag were electrical materials, which themselves can be used to make an explosive device.

A week earlier, the native of Chechnya Hasan Azimov attacked passers-by in Central Paris. In the attack one person was lost, four more got wounds. Police shot and killed the attacker. As it turned out, Asimov was known to the intelligence services of France, as a supporter of radical Islamists. He was assigned to the so-called status S, which suggests that the person may pose a security threat because of radical views. Under observation he was in 2016.

The head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, commenting on the incident, said that “all responsibility for what Asimov embarked on the path of crime falls squarely on the French authorities”. “In Chechnya, he was just born, and growing up, forming his personality, his views and beliefs had occurred in French society”, – explained the head of the Republic.

Such remarks angered the French authorities. The Minister of foreign Affairs of France Jean-Yves Le Drian called Kadyrov’s statement inadmissible and said that the Republican leadership is not going to “listen to the dictator who does not comply with the letter of the law in their country.”