Live In the center of Odessa Santas staged a fightPhoto: Screenshot

Melee was accompanied by the screams of women and crying children

17.12.18 249000

In Odessa on Deribasovskaya street fight two of Santa Claus. On Monday, 17 December, according to Duma.

Noted, the first Santa Claus – Timur was posing under the tree in the arms of the man who was holding a little girl. The man with the child asked for a second Santa Claus – Mustapha to photograph them in the company of Timur.

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In turn, Mustafa was offended and, according to Timur, has said publicly that the competitor “was pouring out from under the Christmas tree”, not literally at him. Later Mustafa added a few insults to Timur, and that was the cause of the fight.

ATTENTION! In the video there is profanity!

“In the blink of an eye (you would not even have time to say “happy”!) two grandfather came down on each other”, – writes the edition.

The fight was accompanied by the screams of women and crying children.

When the fighting did breed, Timur was cut off beard and split my pants.

We will note, recently in Warsaw there was a mass fight between Ukrainians and poles.