Singer Alla Pugacheva will perform on the stage of the Kremlin Palace 17 April 2019 — two days after his 70th birthday. Program is the famous actress was called “PS”. Diva done touring for more than eight years ago — in March of 2010. So its decision Pugachev explained the health problems, as well as change of voice, which resulted in surgery. As colleagues and fans of the singer reacted to the news about her return at RT.

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Russian singer Alla Pugacheva announced the return to the stage. 17 APR 2019 she will give a concert in the Kremlin Palace, which will celebrate its 70th anniversary. The upcoming event, the actress announced in his Instagram.

“In the life time is 70 years. Give me, o God, forces me to this night,” she wrote under a published poster presentation. Her diva imprinted accompanied by producer Natella Krapivina, who collaborated with the singer Svetlana Loboda, who also created the TV show “heads and tails” production and Studio TeenSpirit.

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In the life time is 70 years. God forbid me for this evening.?

Publication of ALLA PUGACHEVA (@alla_orfey) Dec 17, 2018 at 2:46am PST

Note that the first Alla Borisovna and Natella were seen together only once — at the premiere of “Acid” Alexander Gorchilin, with producer Krapivina. The event was held on September 19 in the walls of the “Gogol-center”.

The upcoming concert of Pugacheva has received the name “PS”. On the official website of the Kremlin Palace, the sale of tickets has not started yet. On other sites the price varies from 7 thousand to 17 thousand rubles.

According to “Komsomolskaya Pravda” with reference to the friends of the performer on stage she will return with lots of new material, but “old songs will be small — no more than three”. According to them, Pugacheva intends to give a concert in St. Petersburg, however, official confirmation of this information has not yet been reported.

The news of the impending return Pugacheva commented on how many fans of the divas and stars of show business.

“Endless love and support from all of us in the evening let them give you strength,” wrote Ukrainian singer Vera Brezhnev in the comments to Instagram-publication Pugacheva.

It was joined by TV presenter and music producer Yana Rudkovskaya: “You can and will heat all!”

In addition, the review also noted pop singer Sergey Lazarev and the skater Tatiana Navka.

“And the same hall, the same place…”

Alla Pugacheva stopped his concert activity in 2010. It is noteworthy that the speech in the Kremlin will take place almost ten years after her last concert in the capital (and before that the break lasted for 11 years), which was held on 7 April 2009. It started with a farewell tour of the artist — “Dreams about love”.

Those tours ended in the Bulgarian Sofia March 4, 2010. Originally the last city of the tour was to be Warsaw, but the artist decided to cancel the performance in Poland, because she wanted to finish career in the country where it began its way to success. It is in Bulgaria in 1975 Pugacheva took the Grand Prix of the international song contest “Golden Orpheus”, speaking there with one of their most famous songs — “harlequin”.

The decision to abandon any performances the singer has substantiated health and negative impact on voice operations.

“Concert work is necessary to finish. This is for two main reasons. The first is that the health of my heart and not allow you to ride up and down. And the second reason is that after a number of operations that I had to reschedule, the voice, of course, hooked. And he can’t Express those feelings and those intonations that I would like to Express. I want to say that I will not kiss the stage farewell… Really, concert activity I stop. With difficulty, I guess, but still performs this duty anniversary tour” — said on the eve of the tour Joe.

Tour “Dreams about love” covered 34 cities and 13 countries. During this tour she gave 37 concerts.

After that, the artist never made a solo album, and focused on the family: in September 2013 they with Maxim Galkin were born twins — a daughter Elizabeth and son Harry.

In addition, Pugacheva continued to appear in various TV projects. So, she acted as Chairwoman of the jury of the show “factor a”, filmed at the British franchise The X Factor. In the Russian version of the letter X was replaced by namely because of the participation of Alla.

In addition, it retains the status of “constant Muse” of the contest “New wave”, which was held in Jurmala until 2014, and in 2011-2012, oversaw a short-lived Crimea Music Fest in Crimea.

About the possible return of the singer on stage rumors circulated for a long time, but still no official reports on this issue have been reported. A longtime friend of the prima Donna Ilya Reznik, who wrote lyrics of almost all the major songs Pugacheva, last year expressed this assumption in an interview with “StarHit”.

“Next year she anniversary. I think so (she’ll be back. — RT). She’s good! All new repertoire. And our songs are eternal, they live for 30-40 years,” he said.