Hyperloop startup failed ArrivoArrivo

Instead of vacuum tubes company was going to use the magnetic levitation technology

17.12.18 estimated to reach 218,000

The company Arrivo, designed to implement the concept of Hyperloop transport system last week were closed for lack of funding. About it writes The Verge with reference to two former employees.

Arrivo company was founded in early 2017 and differed from all Hyperloop projects. Instead of a vacuum tube she was going to use the magnetic levitation technology, which allows speeds up to 320 kilometers per hour.

The company’s founder – Bambergen Brogan, who was co-founder of Hyperloop One, and before that – engineer SpaceX. He believed that to maintain the conditions of almost complete vacuum too difficult and expensive, so I offered to build parallel to the existing main roads of new Denver, the movement which will be carried out with the help of magnetic levitation. The company even obtained permission from Colorado authorities, but construction has not begun due to lack of funding.


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One of the Hyperloop Bambergen was dismissed in the summer of 2016 after a conflict with the founder of the Sherwin Pichavaram, his brother Afshin Pichavaram (who was General counsel), Director General of Rob Lloyd and the Board of Directors of a startup. Bambergen sued, claiming he was fired illegally and threatened with physical violence. Hyperloop One in turn accused him that he stole several laptops and had planned to lure the key personnel of the project. The conflict was settled by agreement of the parties.

The Hyperloop One company was renamed Virgin Hyperloop One after a major investment from Richard Branson at the end of 2017. Another Hyperloop, a startup called Hyperloop TT it succeeds and plans to build a test track in China.

Meanwhile, Elon Musk has moved the opening of a tunnel under Los Angeles.