Experts have noticed that the version about suicide of the MP Davydenko, whose body was discovered the afternoon of may 23 in the bathroom of his office in Kiev, does not look convincing, said Диалог.UA.

Footage from the scene of the murder the Village see our telegrams-channel “Ukrainian Dialogue”.

Source Telegram-channel “Suspine Control” drew attention to a number of factors in the case of the alleged suicide of the MP Davydenko.

The source Telegram channel likely former or current employees of law enforcement bodies.

According to experts, if the MP really he took his own life, posthumous position as his right hand would be different, it would not be between her legs. Though, because the hand would throw the pistol recoil. In this position the hand when suicide would be if the victim shot himself in the chin. But he was shot in the head.

“A very strange position of the right hand and gun of the people’s Deputy on the floor. Judging by the photo, the shot was fired into the right temple, then the hand was hanging to the right of the body, but not between the toes as pictured. And the gun, respectively, had to lie to the right of the body,” – said the expert.

He also drew attention to the place where lay the gun that allegedly shot Valeriy Davydenko. As stated in the comments, this is the gun Glock for firing ammunition 9*19.

This is a very powerful weapon design (lightweight frame made of polymeric materials and heavy metal breech mechanism) such that the weapon has a strong recoil.

Because if the MP really would have shot this gun, the gun could not be under the seat, on which sat Davydenko.

“How could he fall under the body of the suicide in this case? And the hand between your legs? Now, if he shot himself in the chin, then Yes, all is logical. But again, seen photos that were shot in the head. Something like that”, – said the source Telegram channel.

We will remind, in the Ministry of interior preliminary version of the death Davidenko, called suicide. Advisor to the Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Zorian Shkiryak promised to tell you soon the details of the incident. Location of death Davidenko personally drove the chief of General Directorate of national police of the capital Andrey Krishchenko.

It was also reported that the body of MP Davydenko was found by the cleaner. Nothing boded trouble, in the latest entry in the social network the people’s Deputy told about the help to physicians in his district who are struggling with the coronavirus.