The former people’s Deputy of Ukraine Borislav Bereza announced the creation of a new political movement and called on Ukrainians to unite around him. About this politician wrote on his page in “Facebook” reports Диалог.UA.

The new Association is called “Their” and has positioned itself as the opposition to the current authorities in Ukraine: the main idea is to build a civilized state with a rule of law, to ensure decent level of life of Ukrainians, “cleaning” of the political system of the country from embezzlers, corrupt officials, and representatives of the old political elite.

In the new organization, in addition to Birch, also included Leonid Yemets, Olena Sotnyk, Victoria Voitsitska, Igor Popov and other former MPs. All of them were members of political parties, such as “Samopomich”, “people’s front”, Radical party, and so on.

Moreover, in the same “Facebook” came and closed the group’s political strength: the same Birch published a propaganda video clip with the participation of the above MPs.

“A year ago we watched the debate at the stadium “Olympic”. Us cruel to@@Ali! If your aspirations match ours, then you and YOUR. And only together we are able to bring order and create prosperity in their country. Only United, we can save Ukraine: it is a stranger does not need”, – is spoken in the video.

Earlier, we reported that the ex-Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Borislav Birch said there are three “achievements” of the President of Ukraine, for which he is grateful to Vladimir Zelensky: the status of UBD fought with Russia, the statement of responsibility of the Kremlin for the outbreak of the Second world war, and also for the extension of sanctions against Russia.

At the same time Birch, commenting on the words of the Russian authorities about the alleged “terrorist” Ayder Muzdybaev, said that the Kremlin struck another bottom.