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The Louvre

Musée du Louvre / YouTube

The Paris Louvre Museum reopened to visitors after nearly 4 months since its closure in March due to the coronavirus. Despite the official opening of the Museum, about a third of the galleries of the complex will remain closed, reports “Interfax”.

This is one of the most visited museums in the world will act a substantial limitation for the visitors. Guide Louvre made mandatory the wearing of masks, the number of visitors and their movement through the halls will be strictly controlled.

To visit the Museum in advance to book the desired time interval of time, a similar rule applies to privileged categories of citizens who intend to go to the Louvre.

“The wearing of masks required, it is necessary to observe the physical distance,” reads a statement on the website of the Louvre.Particularly the administration promises to make sure that there was a big congestion of people in the queue to the most famous exhibit, the Mona Lisa of Leonardo da Vinci.

The Louvre was closed in mid-March in the framework of measures to combat the spread of coronavirus. After closing due to quarantine 13 March, the Louvre has lost 40 million euros of income. “We were lucky that our owner is the state,” said Museum Director Jean-Luc Martinez.

Monday at the Louvre held a protest rally tourist guides. They also said that the authorities have not taken sufficient efforts to help people engaged in the tourism sector.