The pond began to live “his life.”

Pink pond is located in the Ducal Park. The locals are impressed by the unusual phenomenon, but at the same time complain of an awful smell. According to local residents, the pond killed the fish.

It is reported by city portal mynizhyn.

Head of the regional labtsentr MOH of Ukraine Yuriy Narizhny stated that the reason for this phenomenon is unknown.

The experts have only assumptions. Possible cause of porozumenia may be that from under the bottom hit the keys of hydrogen sulfide. There is also an opinion that breaks through the collector house which is located nearby, but this is not proven.

“Maybe the algae bloom … I don’t know,” said Yuri Narizny.

Recall that in Sevastopol for a couple of months gone 60-year-old lake. In Crimea, the lack of water became visible to the naked eye. There are only a few months became a huge lake.

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Alena Doroshenko