The Department reminded today of the seizure is unknown the premises of the Odessa national medical University.
The Ministry of health calls upon the workers captured by the supporters of the ex-rector of the medical University in Odessa, not to obey illegal orders / photo

The Ministry of health of Ukraine urges members of the captured supporters of the ex-rector of the Odessa national medical University not to obey illegal orders.

About it reports a press-service of the Ministry of health. The Ministry reminded about the capture this morning of the Odessa national medical University (Onmeda).

“December 10, around 8:00, unknown persons forcefully seized the building of the institution and not allowed workers to jobs,” the message reads.

According to recognized by the Ministry of health acting rector Onmeda Constantine Aymedova, now faces seized a University, fired workers, relaying orders through the front door of the University, and destroyed official documents. The University building is guarded by the supporters of the ex-rector Valeriy Zaporozhan, making it impossible to access the institution.

“The health Ministry of Ukraine considers unacceptable such actions of persons acting practically in the interests of a former rector, and calls upon the workers not to carry out illegal orders and instructions. MoH also connects these events with the fact that today the Commission of the Ministry of justice considers the complaint of Ministry of education of Ukraine concerning illegal registration of Yury Sukhin Director Onmeda”, – added in the Ministry of health.

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As reported the UNIAN, today, on December 10, Odessa national medical University was captured by the supporters of ex-rector Valeriy Zaporozhan. In the morning the building of the administration in support of Executive service went supporters Zaporozhan Professor Yuri Sukhin, Anatoly Sleep, Oleg Tarabrin, Konstantin Talalaev and others.

In July, the Ministry of health announced the early termination of the contract with the rector of Odessa national medical University Zaporozhan, since the Ministry of allegedly repeatedly received complaints from MPs and public organizations on his misconduct and in General on the critical situation prevailing in the University.

It was reported that the Ministry of health in this regard, initiated the verification of the compliance of the Charter and the terms of the contract by the rector, but Zaporojan did not allow the Commission to conduct checks.

On 31 August the academic Council of the University elected the Chairman of Zaporozhan, and authorized to manage the University, the Chairman of trade Union Yuriy Sukhin. In turn, the Ministry of health stated that it is illegal and laid the duties of the rector the Pro-rector Vladlena Dubinin.

7 Sep supporters alienated by the Ministry of health Zaporozhan seized power administration. 11 Sep Dubinin broke into his office through the police.