The signing of the Memorandum took place within the framework of international initiatives China’s “One belt and one road” presented in 2013.

29 November in Kharkiv signed the Memorandum of cooperation between the business Association “National industry partnership in the light industry of Ukraine Fashion Globus Ukraine”, TC “Barabashovo” and the Chinese partners – “Association of manufacturers of sewing equipment” and “textile industry Association of Shanghai.”

The parties agreed on partnership projects, which will allow Ukrainian producers to have access to modern equipment, technology, fabrics. For this purpose, in 2019 in Kharkov will create the modern technological hub of light industry.

The signing of the Memorandum took place within the framework of international initiatives China’s “One belt and one road” presented in 2013. China invited then in the project countries interested in economic cooperation. Under the new model of international cooperation, proposed in the initiative of “One belt and one road”, made possible an international project for the creation in Kharkov of modern technological centre of light industry, Fashion hub, which will open on the territory of shopping center “Barabashovo” in 2019.

From Fashion Globus Ukraine and the shopping center “Barabashovo” is the goal – to develop the light industry of Ukraine. Goods of light industry in terms of consumption in Ukraine takes the second place. In 2018, the industry has almost reached pre-crisis volumes of production and reached 99.4% of 2013. Given the trend in recent years to buy “made in Ukraine”, local designers, clothing manufacturers and shoes, there is every reason to grow. It needs to be competitive in technology, speed, equipment, and be flexible. China is one of the most developed countries in terms of technology, equipment, fabrics, accessories and the speed of implementation of innovative approaches.

Valery Kirilko, commercial Director of concern AVEC and Co., Director of shopping center “Barabashovo”, commented: “Today the business environment of Ukraine is actively discussing the involvement of international investments. But in a situation of economic, social and political the last 4 years, it is obvious that there is no straightforward approaches work is weaker than before the crisis. The present time requires active raising funds for projects that promote the growth of business, both small and large projects, influencing the development of industries that will boost the economy. We need innovation, technology, and the experience of others that we will be able to adapt to domestic realities. This project on development of light industry will become a modern technological center of Fashion hub”.

The concept of the Fashion hub aims to expand the boundaries of the Ukrainian masters. This is an opportunity to gather the best international experience and samples of modern equipment and innovative technologies in one place. It is a platform for the exhibition of fabrics and accessories of international production. It is a choice and the right to order directly from suppliers everything you need, all the modern, at the same time, without having to travel to exhibitions abroad, which is especially important for the small business owner who may not always participate in major international industry events. It’s a chance to test new technologies directly in the hub and learn to work with modern equipment there as well.

Except China, agreed to participate in the project gave suppliers of fabrics, accessories and other necessary materials from Turkey, South Korea, Japan, Morocco, Pakistan, and India.

Present your cloth in the hub invited and Poland. Fashion Globus Ukraine participated in the international fair of the textile industry that was held recently in Warsaw. During the presentation of Ukraine held a presentation of the collections of more than ten Ukrainian designers, which caused a positive response.

Golda vinogradskaya, head of the National industrial partnerships in the light industry of Ukraine Fashion Globus Ukraine, Advisor to the Minister of education and science of Ukraine, invited by the Polish producers of fabrics in Ukraine, in the international hub of light industry, where there will be manufacturers from different countries of the world. Golda vinogradskaya shared his plans: “My dream is to open a foreign Ukraine to cooperate. Now we start with the sector of light industry”.