June 17, sanctions are imposed on the supply of food
varieties of grain to Syria. The country has a shortage of bread, supplies of Russian grain
forage varieties from which it is impossible to bake bread. A similar situation,
the words of the Russian expert El Murid, happens in “LDNR”: the so-called “Republic”
very close to a social catastrophe that takes on the character
in an irreversible process.

About this he wrote on his page on the social network Facebook.

To financial disaster in the territories under the control
Assad is added and the hunger problem:
about 85% of the population today lives in a state of utter poverty.

Assad part of Syria was included in the scenario of Venezuela.

“In case of failure of the demolition mode (and is
the country is occupied by Iran and Russia, and beyond the control of the Assad actually
the occupation of Turkey and the Western coalition, it is really impossible),
the only alternative to slow death is an escape. But even to flee
many have no resources,” he said.

According to him, Russia occupied part of Donbass
also very close to the same situation as in unfolds ORDO
social disaster.

“By the way, and the Republic of Donbass already very close
such a situation of social catastrophe in them is just a disaster
that is, an irreversible process,” he writes.

Earlier, we reported that because of miners ‘ protests in Anthracite invaders in time lost control of the situation.

At the same time, people in occupied Antratsyt went to drastic measures.