The mayor of the Dnieper Boris Filatov, made a dramatic appeal to Ukrainian businessman Igor Kolomoisky.

Диалог.UA publish fully his appeal, which appeared in the social network Facebook.

Only during this week, the media holding belonging to Igor Kolomoisky, launched three ”fake news” on the Dnieper.

1. That metro stole 379 million. With the ”link” on the SBU, which didn’t say that.

2. On the benches, bought with space money did not buy.

3. On the street, which was rained out, and she is currently a unharmed.

With actors instead of speakers and shamefully removed the links after lawyer requests.

All that touched this man in the river, turned into ashes: airport, football club, house officers, basketball arena, Bank, go-karting center. Now the TV channels and news agencies.

Igor, tomorrow it will be the answer. You will like it.

And, Yes, I admit at once and upright. I didn’t kill my brother.

Earlier Диалог.UA reported that Filatov’s long-standing conflict with Kolomoisky.

The last serious exacerbation was last fall 2019, when the mayor of the Dnieper publicly called oligarch “Prince of darkness”. Then he threatened to publish some compromising Kolomoisky, if he did not leave him alone and no longer “wet” in their media.

In addition, periodically Filatov exchanging threats and insults with a member of the “public Servants” Alexander by Dubinski, which, according to the media, in Parliament defends the interests of Kolomoisky.

Tatiana Shevchenko