In social networks has raised a fuss about the incident in the occupied Crimea. An unknown person destroyed the promenade in Koktebel. For this reason Ukrainian blogger Dmitry Chekalkin wrote their thoughts in social networks.

In the occupied Peninsula unknown destroyed one of the
local attractions. Who it exactly was, that no one can know.
But Ukrainian blogger Dmitry Chekalkin noticed on his page on “Facebook”
what write about it Internet users, reports the edition “Диалог.UA”.

“The Crimea. In Koktebel someone smashed the embankment. Local
I think that this is all a consequence of invasion of the Russian world. Separate
Olginets tried to shove all in Ukrainian education”, – said in the
the beginning of the Chekalkin.

After blogger presented a very interesting comments,
showing the real situation in the Russian Federation. Users
in turn also not left behind. They shared enthusiasm and Chekalkina
wrote what they think about it.

We remind that the blogger Chekalkin talked about
Yulia Timoshenko has bought up all the billboards in the country for his campaign
PR. In addition, he showed
Putin ridiculed in the social networks of Internet users.