Two-time silver Olympic medalist Evgeny Medvedev will speak at the championship of Russia on figure skating with a new short program. Change of rental to the last was kept secret. For the room she chose the music that was skating Evgeni Plushenko at the Olympics in 2006. Then the Russian athlete won gold. The coach of figure skater Brian Orser said that with a new program he is feeling more confident.

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Two days before the start of the championship of Russia on figure skating has burst sensation — Evgeny Medvedev will speak in Saransk with a new program. She has refused performances of David Wilson a jazz song Orange Colored Sky to show their fans another rental.

This information was first spread dedicated to figure skating YouTube channel The Skating Lesson. The leaders shared information sources that now Medvedev will play the music from the Opera “Tosca” by Giacomo Puccini. Choreographer of the new production was made by Misha GE — a former athlete who played for Uzbekistan and had time to prove himself in the field of creating programs in figure skating. His clients included many of the Russian skaters, including Elizaveta Tuktamysheva, Sergei Voronov, Anna Pogorelaya, Elena Radionova and Maxim Kovtun.


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Leading The Skating Lesson also said that Medvedev will be in a bright Golden dress. The decision to change the short program was influenced by the desire of Wilson to pay more attention to the show Javier Fernandez — the Spanish figure skater, who has been in the same group with Medvedeva from Brian Orser.

Indirectly, information about a new program Medvedeva confirmed GE. On the day of arrival of athletes in Saransk, he posted in Instagram a message that can be interpreted as gratitude for the cooperation with the skater.

“I can’t describe the complexity and challenge that I had to take to create this small program. I am grateful to the coaches who chose me for this role. And I am grateful to the whole team, trust me,” wrote GE.

Official training before the first competition day was to answer the question of whether Eugene made a desperate attempt to save not the best season so dramatically. A year ago, still practicing under the guidance of Eteri Tutberidze, Medvedev has changed his program during the season — the revision had been arbitrarily rolled. Though, it was still right in front of the championship of Russia, but much earlier.

Medvedev has arrived to Saransk before many other participants. Still, she had to fly from Canada in transit through Moscow, and the body needed time to acclimatize. Once in Saransk, the skater felt a surge of emotion and posted in social networks funny video, in which she “greeted” from the window of his hotel, the Russian shops and mail and admitted that he missed Russia.

Training Medvedeva was scheduled for early Wednesday evening. But live to see her failed. Although figure skating is considered a common practice when training are attended by members of the press, this time a pass to journalists at the premiere rental Medvedeva was closed.

The organizers said that access to training ice, where the girls warmed up, impossible as it from the main sports arena separates the zone closed to unauthorized persons. However, as the RT from one source, the training was closed at the request of the owners of television rights, showed the workout live.

But to look at during a workout was something. Medvedev from the very beginning, began to show new moves, leaving aside jumps. When it was her turn to speak to the music, the skater has changed. The hopping part moved to the beginning of the cascades was executed flawlessly — with your hands and confident landings. Medvedev only allowed myself to relax after a spins several times she interrupted the program, and then continued the lesson.

The choice of excerpt from “Tosca,” was quite successful. Eugene decided to play the classical music, and even full of drama, giving scope for acting. In 2006 Evgeni Plushenko under the creation of Puccini won the Olympic gold, and this fact speaks volumes.


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After training, his impressions of the new hire shared Medvedeva coach Brian Orser. He liked the hire, and he called the condition under which the athlete will be able to win the championship of Russia.

“In training everything went well. We have come a long way, but Zhenya is in good shape. I love her new short program. I liked old, but for competitions it was better to choose a new one. She seems more confident with this rental. We both decided on a change, and it happened on the stage of the Grand Prix in France. I can’t predict wins or when Jack the championship of Russia. But I have a feeling she will show the best skating. Psychologically she is ready. The rest I can not control. If he will show his best side, you can succeed”, — said the expert.

However, he once again reminded what to expect the Transfiguration Medvedeva this minute is not worth it — it usually takes an entire season to make the athlete the winner.

“Jack was disappointed when I missed the Grand Prix final. This is an unusual season for her. From the beginning we told each other that we need patience. The changes will be difficult. Every athlete I have spent a year in training with Yuzuru Hanyu, Javier Fernandez. But then they became Champions. It just takes time. You want to take a step back to go forward. Jack realizes this. We are making progress and make small gains,” added Orser.

Medvedev will show the short program and 21st of December, between 14:00 and 16:30 Moscow time. Random rental of the girls scheduled for the evening of December 22.