Western publications do not cease to distribute information about Planet X that’s gonna crash into the earth.

Earlier media has published reports on the coming end of the world 16 December, when Nibiru will collide with our planet. However, this forecast does not
true, that is absolutely not surprised some researchers, who claim
the disparity between these “prophecies”
fact, informs “Диалог.UA”.

NASA experts reported that their telescopes and have not found a huge space
the object approaching the Solar system. Scientists accept unopened planet
beyond the orbit of Neptune, but some researchers argues that the telescopes
able to detect the “death Star”. If the planet killer and
exists, it is much smaller than Jupiter.

exclude the existence of celestial bodies in the Solar system that have mass
10 times the mass of the globe. If such an object existed, he would
distorted orbits of the other planets, followed by global cataclysms.

shocked the British took Venus for Nibiru, which appeared in the sky near
Of the moon.

the Network showed photos of the planet-killer.

it was reported, inhabitants of the three countries seeking asylum, the fear of Apocalypse due to
invasion of Planet X to Earth.