In Kiev began testing of workers “fast” for antibodies to COVID-19

KIEV. May 26. UNN. Employees of the Center of emergency medical aid and disaster medicine of the city of Kiev protested the coronavirus ELISA tests to detect antibodies to the virus, reports the correspondent of UNN.

So, to test the workers carried out the sampling of biological material. It is planned to be delivered to the laboratory in the Institute of Shalimov, where a study will be conducted.

The idea is to identify patients, already ill COVID-19 and have immunity.

According to the paramedic who made the sampling of biological material, the diagnosis result can be ready the next day.

Today in camp, and MK is planned to test up to 30 staff.

Note that ELISA tests are immunological study that determines the presence of antibodies to the virus COVID-19.

According to the test results to form a brigade ambulance of the doctors have immunity to the disease.

As written by the UNN, Ukraine has become the fifth country in the world that has developed its own ELISA tests. The development belongs to the national company “diaprof-Med”. We are talking about testing for immunoglobulin G, M and A.

So, the test for determination of immunoglobulin G enables us to conclude the recovery of the patient from the virus and use of antibody recovered in the treatment of critically ill patients with COVID-19.

Testing for immunoglobulin M (IgM coronavirus) allows to identify patients.

Another test system is designed for qualitative detection of IgA antibodies to SARS-CoV-2 in serum samples and human blood plasma. This analysis allows to identify patients in the early stages from the very first days of infection.

Recall that today the Ukrainian ELISA tests JSC “Diaproph-Med” is already bought by Germany.