In Kharkov, opened a unique photo exhibition of portraits of women

photo gallery

KIEV. March 23. UNN. Exhibition with a unique concept was opened in Kharkov. Until the end of March you will be familiar with photographs depicting prominent women of the city in the late 19th and early 20th century. The project idea was hatched three years. About it I wrote in Facebook the people’s Deputy Alexander Granovsky, who helped organize the event, reports UNN.

Exhibition “Beauty, written by the light…” will continue to operate until 31 March in Kharkiv municipal gallery.

“When it turns out to somehow participate in those events, which for certain people is really important, it’s cool and nice. And particularly pleased because, in some human relations there is no dirt (read policy), Mercantile greed and faux flattery,” he notes.

The project coordinator Vladimir Ogloblin (pictured below) explains that the exhibition has to fill a vacuum is formed until 1917. He was able to gather about 3 thousand works of pre-revolutionary Kharkiv, which he collected around the world. Some of them – the original, part of copy.

“Images of Kharkiv artists of the late XIX – early XX century struck me. It appears, however, that there is some kind of vacuum, since there was a lot of uncertainty, there was a period when many thought that until 1917 there was nothing I didn’t know how people lived, what they looked like, what it represents. I have successfully merged the interests of both the historian and the photographer, and researcher,” says Oglobin. According to him, in the beginning of the last century, worked in Kharkov about 300 photographers.

The idea of the exhibition was nurtured for three years. The Deputy of the Kharkov city Council Olena Goroshko said that the project aims to combine the history of the city and the people, to show its beauty and grandeur. “It is very pleasant that in the history of Kharkov has always been heavily female,” said Goroshko.

Vladimir Oglobin notes that the implementation of the idea was a complete surprise to him, because there were people who wanted to support him and ideologically, and financially. “I’ve done so little to make this exhibition did take place, but it turned out so much in the end. I’m glad. Know: to become a man, it is necessary to make human actions without regard to the benefits,” says Alexander Granovsky.