Presidential elections 2019Луценко said the exposure of “black” cash Desk “candidate Y.” in the Odessa regionPhoto:

The money was meant for Commission members and observers

23.03.19 23200

Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko said the exposure of law enforcement officers “black” cash to bribe voters in favor of the “candidate Y.” in the Odessa region. About this he wrote in a Saturday Facebook.

“Against the background of statements of the candidate Y. of the universal bribery power – another arithmetic lesson “black money” for its all-Ukrainian network of Deputy D. this time – Odessa region”, – said the head of the GPU.

Press-Lutsenko’s Secretary Larina Sargan said that during the investigation of criminal proceedings law enforcement officers found the illegal organization of the electoral process on the territory of 5 districts of Odessa region: Balta, Podolia, Okeanskogo, Kadomskogo and Savransky.

“Black” was the cashier and worked in a secure room of one of offices “PrivatBank” in Podolsk, namely in the office of the head of the said Department, which since 2011 has held the position of head of the structural unit of the Bank long before the transfer of the banking institutions in the status of the state”, – said the Gar.

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According to her, illegal activities of law enforcement bodies prevented during operation of the distribution of 1.3 million hryvnia for the future of remuneration for offences under the control of members of commissions and observers.

“Mesh” is the bribery of members of election commissions, which had to guarantee the vote for the candidate on elections of the President of Ukraine. Depending on the size of the polling station the representatives of the commissions plan to pay 2-3 thousand UAH”, – said the Gar.

During the searches police seized lists with personal data of voters, information about the possible sympathy for the candidates, distribution of money between volunteers and members of election commissions, other documentation. Also recorded was the control scheme for voting through controlled entities.

A criminal investigation is conducted under part 3 of article 157 (Obstructing the exercise of electoral rights), part 4 of article 160 (voter Bribery) of the criminal code of Ukraine. The penalty for violation of the electoral law provides for up to 7 years imprisonment.

As previously reported by the Focus:

  • 21 fevraleva conducted more than 30 searches for “electoral pyramid” headed by MP.
  • According to media reports, coordinated and financed this “electoral pyramid” sccoby MP from the faction “Batkivshchyna” Valery Dubil. On 27 February the Prosecutor General Yuri Lutsenko said that the State Bureau of investigation calls 28 Feb MP for questioning.
  • Dubil for questioning came and accused the authorities of an unprecedented since the time of Yanukovych the pressure on their opponents.
  • In the SBU said that the funding “electoral pyramid” amounted to almost 82 million dollars.
  • March 20, Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko reported about the detention in Dubno man “candidate Y.” with 2.5 million UAH “black money” to bribe voters.