Yesterday, November 21, activists say, the family was not given to the correspondent NewsOne to conduct a live broadcast from the territory of Kharkov, where took place the meeting of memory of Euromaidan.

Reports about it “Диалог.UA”.

Earlier Parubiy said, when you impose sanctions against
“112” and NewsOne.

The footage shows how a few people pushed back the journalist
from the area where the action takes place in memory of the victims of the Maidan in 2014. After that
in place came the police, who tried to resolve the situation.
The activists expressed their attitude to the journalist for NewsOne and openly stated that “it
is Pro-Russian propaganda working for Medvedchuk, who
you have to Putin the godfather”.

The journalist was presented by Sophia Kalnicki and stated that
she prevented to carry out journalistic activities for what is criminal

The police don’t see the actions of the activists of the no
illegal actions and therefore did not detain anyone. Later on
the fact the incident was opened criminal proceedings under article 171 UK
Of Ukraine (obstruction of journalistic activities). However, no
further information yet.

NewsOne is left in plain text the demand to kill the President and
to recognize Ukraine as a province of the Russian Federation. This opinion was expressed well-known blogger.

The Internet sparked a serious scandal because of Newsone TV channel that live stream showed a map of Ukraine without Crimea.