Engineers innovation engineering center Fraunhofer Italia (IEC) in Bolzano are developing software that will allow the robot assistant to work effectively on a construction site. Based on the platform of the Husky A200 mobile robot uses a new navigation software for the independent solutions of logistic tasks.

Compared to the same home robots in building models is much more complex duties and work conditions. In this regard, robotics Fraunhofer are developing a new software interface that combines building information modeling (BIM) with the robotic operating system (ROS).

The new interface treats the stream of important information to update the database on the obstacles at the construction site, with which sensors of the robot can cause problems that allows him to avoid, for example, open Elevator shafts.

According to the developers, this information helps the robotic assistant to safely carry heavy construction materials and tools around the construction site. To navigate through the constantly changing terrain mobile robot uses an electronic control unit, lasers, acceleration sensors and tilt. In addition, he can follow his “boss”, when activated follow-me (follow me).
Source — Fraunhofer