Two independent studies conducted in Qatar and the UK, revealed that the idea that diabetes 2 type can be defeated by reducing weight. And so it was no secret that losing weight to a normal level and physical activity are beneficial to the health of the people. But this time, scientists have proven to cure your diabetes without drugs, just by changing the lifestyle. And in just 12 months.

In Qatar the experiment involved 150 people with an average age of 42 years who have diabetes of the 2nd type were diagnosed at least 3 years before that. They were divided into two groups, the first received standard medical care, and the participants of the second in addition to stick to the diet and do physical exercises. Nothing beyond 10,000 steps per day and 150 minutes of gymnastics per week.

According to the results of the experiment, after 12 months, patients in the first group had lost an average of 4 kg, and the second 12 kg. And among them 61 % diabetes disappeared, they were healed. For comparison, in the first group recovered only 12 %. In the British experiment that followed the same rules, the recovery figure below, only 46%, but where the average age of the subjects was 10 years older. Thus, an active lifestyle and slimming on average give more than 50% chance of healing from diabetes.
Source — Weill Cornell Medicine