Live In France, visitors were stuck at a height of 60 meters at new year’s evePhoto: francebleu

They were taken by helicopter rescuers

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The incident occurred in the French city of Rennes at about 21.30. Eight people: three adults and five teenagers stuck on an extreme ride Bomber Max. Writes about this local edition of the France Bleu.

First, visitors tried to save through the fire escape, but she was too short to seat does not hold. Then in place called for a helicopter.

Le sauveteur a pu accéder à la nacelle

— FB Armorique (@bleuarmorique) December 31, 2018

The place he arrived about midnight, and then rescuers have been preparing for the evacuation. In the end, the first visitor took the ride only at four in the morning.

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Fully rescue operation ended only six in the morning. None of the visitors weren’t injured, but people are very cold.

Recall, a military base in Colorado were notified of children around the world about the movements of Santa Claus on Christmas eve. At a military air base Peterson in Colorado gathered about 1.5 thousand volunteers. They answered calls, talked about Santa’s whereabouts and conveyed the wish lists for the holiday.