Video Zelensky officially said he would run for PresidentVladimir Zelensky/Photo:

Channel “1+1” showed a video statement Zelensky for a few minutes before midnight, when TV traditionally broadcast the President’s speech

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Ukrainian actor Vladimir Zelensky has decided to run for the post of President of Ukraine. Of its intention to participate in elections, he said during a festive “Evening quarter” on channel “1+1”.

“I decided to be Frank with you, Vladimir Zelensky. Now in Ukraine a situation where every Ukrainian has three paths. The first way is to live as we live, to go with the flow. And that’s fine, it’s the choice of everyone. The second way to pack your things and go to another country to earn money to send to their friends and relatives. And that’s okay too. But there is a third way – to try to change something in Ukraine. And I chose him,” said Zelensky.

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According to the comedian, he had asked: “Go not go?”

“You know, unlike our great politicians, I didn’t mean nothing to promise. And now, for a few minutes before the New year I’ll be making a promise. And immediately perform. Dear Ukrainians, I promise you to go in presidents of Ukraine. And immediately fulfilling. I am running for President of Ukraine. Let’s do this together,” he said.

It is noted that the channel “1+1” broadcast a statement Zelensky about the campaign for the presidency a few minutes before midnight, when the TV stations have traditionally broadcast the President’s speech. Congratulations to Petro Poroshenko on the TV channel broadcasted after midnight on 1 January.

Zelensky was not previously declared their intention to run for President, but did not rule out such a possibility, maintaining the intrigue.

Note, Zelensky ahead Vakarchuk in the “Focus” of “100 influential Ukrainians”.

In addition, Zelensky confirmed his relationship with the party “servant of the people” and stated that she is in politics.