An international team of organizers is preparing to launch the world’s first tournament races on high-speed scooters eSkootr Championship (eSC). The participants will compete in the electric bikes that can accelerate to 100 km/h.

The race will take place in selected urban areas in different cities around the world. The organisers aim to make them as affordable as possible – and while doing the right bet. A set of protective gear, a helmet and an improved scooter will cost any member a lot cheaper racing bike or a car.

Preparation of scooters will deal have not been disclosed, but well known producer in the world. The first prototypes should appear later this year. It is possible, it would be Rion, which already produces scooter Rion2 RE90 Racing Edition, which is able to accelerate to 160 km/h. Anyone can buy this almost ready to race machine for 6800 dollars.

ESkootr racing Championship to begin in 2021, watch for announcements.

Source — eSkootr Championship