Sony has developed a tiny gadget Reon Pocket, which is inserted into the clothing and can cool you in the heat by as much as 5 degrees (or warm 5 degrees in the cold).

To use the device, just place it in a special inside pocket on the shirt that is on the blades. Sony sells t-shirts with such pockets and costs about 1,400 rubles, but nothing prevents to sew it yourself.

After installing the gadget you need to download the free app and choose the desired operation mode. To work Reon Pocket should touch the skin (through the fabric). It uses the well-known Peltier effect – a thermoelectric phenomenon, which enables the transfer of electrical charges, heating or cooling of a heterogeneous surface. For heat transfer in the gadget provides a tiny fan.

Built-in battery Reon Pocket provides 2 to 4 hours and recharges in 2.5 hours via USB port-Reon Pocket C. Now sold in Japanese online stores for around $ 170, but has already appeared on Amazon. Apparently, the launch of sales outside of Japan only a matter of time.

The Source — Sony