In your horoscope for Friday, February 28, Volodin told what is going to experience the signs of the Zodiac on this day and what to be prepared.


The feelings of the representatives of the sign on February 28 will be strained to the limit, therefore, to find inner harmony, the astrologer Volodina advises the rams to spend the day in the circle of relatives.


Taurus Volodin warned: you 28 Feb generally will not feel frames and borders. Restrain their impulses and desires, otherwise you risk to participate in the conflict.

The evening will be an unpleasant conversation with the second mate, with whom relations in the recent months at the limit. It is from the internal condition of Taurus will depend on which way to turn the conversation.


Friday, the Twins will hold in the thoughts of their finances. The astrologer recommends not to hurry when making monetary decisions, otherwise to the existing financial problems are that you finally “achieve” and make life miserable for the next few weeks.


The cancer will probably be familiar to those for whom the last Friday of Feb – 2020 will pass without shocks. Representatives of this sign will feel “on a horse”: for that he neither will, everything will work out!

The only thing that warns Volodina on this day, don’t talk too much, otherwise the sides you “curse”.


Lions Volodin does not recommend February 28 to start something new, otherwise advance doom yourself to failure.

Better hold on to your stormy initiative and finish what should have been done long ago. It is today you need more.


Maidens should be attentive to everything. Friday morning will begin with a scandal only because Virgo something, “blurted out the hearts,” without thinking, as unable to hurt the interlocutor.

If it continues, by the end of the day Virgo, many of his comrades will be “enemy number one”.


Hard day for Weights. February 28, representatives of the sign are at risk to get into many conflicts at work. To avoid this, Volodin recommends that Libras do not take hard positions and make compromises.


Scorpio, warns Volodin, February 28 will be like a cunning Fox: pantastic where you want, and show sharp teeth when required. This tactic will bring him excellent results in achieving the goals and personal comfort.

However, in the evening in the family of some representatives of the sign can happen big scandal risks becoming a long-running. And all because Scorpions don’t like to give up and is constantly “pulling the blanket”.


Archers on Friday you can knock out of “comfort zone” total strangers, because of what this sign might be depression.

Volodina advises: try to keep a smile throughout the day and spend the evening in a circle of loved ones.


Good day can I use Ibex, but only in case, if you decide to deal with some of his opponents.

In this case, a big scandal Capricorns are provided. And it is not clear in whose favor it may fail.


Volodin warns that Aquarians 28 February will experience significant fatigue for the entire day. Trouble at work seem endless. Will have a night of quality rest.


Fish on Friday will be able to “slip” through the scandals and troubles only because of their charm. And if they try to behave in hands, you will be able to achieve the planned.

The evening will end on a pleasant note: Fish will be a surprise.

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