The main romance of Ukraine Oleg winnick and Alexander Ponomarev are preparing a surprise for Ukrainians. In anticipation of March 8 the artists decided to unite and write a total song and also sing songs already known each other. Feature of the project that they will be recorded in one take, without treatments professional music recording engineers.

The project of artists called “CO2”. “The Surprise together with Oleg Vinnik! Nezabarom MoA here on YouTube,” Ponomarev wrote on his page on “Instagram”. Subscribers will artists just delighted with this news.

“Two nycrama of supertruth voice. TSE bude for sure. It is s neterpinnyam,” writes wearer Network.

“Class! Supersoldier! Favorite artists! Obviously…. It would be COOL),” – says the publication of podistica.

“Oleksandr Valeriyovich, uma VI Timati Trigo, from the Yak now senuti? TSE bude schos megasperma,” added another.

“It is s neterpinnyam, whom , a scho porwnywanie, as “+” and “-“, I think bude is super!” writes a fan.

We will remind, Oleg Vinnik, Alexander Ponomarev and Tune blew up the Network with a Christmas Carol. On the eve of Christmas artists of Ukrainian pop singers have recorded a video for the Christmas Carol, which was performed by three of us. After listening to the song, the Ukrainians were delighted.

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