Insider information from the bowels of Toyota Motor indicate a significant lag of the auto giant from Tesla. According to the results of a recent reverse engineering Model 3 one of the leading experts Toyota said bluntly “We cannot repeat”. We are talking about technology Hardware 3 – intellectual system of the American electric.

Onboard artificial intelligence Tesla consists of two special chips with an area of 260 sq. mm., which are entirely developed in the company and under its needs. It is a powerful computer that initially focused on work with “big data” that supports all the features of unmanned machine control, and in addition serves intellectually and entertainment center. But it is not universal, exactly the opposite – nowhere except Tesla products this chip can not be used.

Engineers say that within Model 3 were virtually no parts with the logos of other manufacturers, but the company Tesla. All electronic components are rigidly attached to the platform, their specifications are not always obvious. On the one hand, it degrades the maintainability of the cars Tesla. On the other hand, Japanese engineers were right, and neither Toyota nor Volkswagen with their resources can’t repeat anything like that.

The reason political and economic – in electric cars old brands used a wide range of products from different vendors. Their technology AI the Germans and Japanese will be available by 2025. But to give up diversification of supply of components, to break build decades of relationship and doomed to collapse hundreds companies, auto giants did not dare. It is too painful blow to the industry and no potential victory over Tesla’s not worth it.
Source — Asian Review