Ukrainian accordionist seriously ill.

Honored artist of Ukraine Igor Zavadsky informed fans of the sad news: he was in intensive care. At first he suspected coronavirus and pneumonia, but these diagnoses were not confirmed. Later examination showed that Zavadsky ill the fourth stage of AIDS.

This was the accordionist told on his page on “Facebook”.

For about a week Igor receives treatment in a hospital in Berdyansk. Doctors told the musician that he is infected with is not the first day, and judging by the tests – the last 7-8 years.

“The treatment began today. 7 droppers daily, with the strongest antibiotics, a bunch of pills and procedures. I can not stand at all. Even only lie on the back turns. When a person loses weight drastically, this is the beginning of the 4th stage,” wrote the artist.

Netizens in the comments have supported the accordion.

“Trimitere. Publi You love. Seeley You!” writes a fan.

“Shock. Hold on. Fight. Pray. People all can win. Remember this,” added another.

“Read and weep! How many challenges one person. You’ll be fine!” writes wearer.

Recall that scientists have discovered how the AIDS virus first entered the human body. It turns out that the man contracted AIDS from sex with a monkey, and from the use of these animals for food.

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Alena Doroshenko