A former doctor of the Moscow “Spartak” Liu Hongsheng believes that after recovery from the coronavirus still should be quarantined.

  • © Mikhail Kireev
  • RIA Novosti

“I’ll explain on the example of the Novel Zobnina. Once he found antibodies, the infection was already in his system, and he got it. But still there was a risk of transmission of the virus, so he did comply with the quarantine before I started training. I hope the doctors gave him a CT scan and found a full recovery,” said Hongsheng RT.

A former doctor “Spartaka” believes that survivors coronavirus fail to be in good shape to resume championship RPL.

“For a start they need to get rid of the effects of the virus. And then they need at least a week to begin classes and get back in the game. And that’s assuming that the man is excellent with the immune system. However, to approach the games on June 21 in perfect shape after an illness, no one will succeed”, — says the doctor.

The RPL championship was suspended after 22 rounds of the pandemic coronavirus.

Earlier, the former doctor “Spartaka” has expressed doubt that RPL will resume on 21 June.