Half a ton of marijuana was eaten mouse on the Argentine stockPhoto: psyplants.info

So, in any case, say police

12.04.18 76100

In Argentina dismissed the police claim that 540 kg of marijuana, which were missing in the warehouse of the police in the city of Pilar, was eaten by mice.

Reported by the BBC referenced the world’s media.

Eight Argentine police officers suspected of involvement in the disappearance of drugs, the court stated that they “ate the mouse”.

It forensic experts said that is unlikely to be the mouse began to eat the drugs and that even if they made “grass” for food, you probably would have died. So, the judges gave words of experts: “In stock would be a lot of corpses.”

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The theft was discovered, the new head of the local police, Emilio Portero.

The court is yet to find out if the drug is lost due to negligence of staff, or was deliberately stolen. Police will stand trial on 4 may.

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