A recent photo of the participants of the mission, “SpaceX Polaris Dawn” a lot of puzzled users due to strange expression, and their shining eyes. Intrigue added Anna Menon, chief engineer for space operations at SpaceX when they published a video with music from the movie “the Terminator”. It is clearly seen that her left eye is a kind of cybernetic device.

This is not a photoshop and not a manifestation of a sense of humor astronauts, and demonstration of a new device – medical contact lenses for space. They developed at the University of Colorado at boulder (USA) in the framework of studying the disease, known as “neuroecology syndrome of space flight”. The fact that in zero gravity in the eyeball and the optic nerve there are certain processes that impair a person’s vision, but what’s going on – still a mystery.

The most widespread theory claims that in zero gravity the fluid in the eye and brain moves unnatural for the body follows. This leads to swelling, pressure on the nerves and the eye itself, it may even change shape and size. The long-term consequences of the syndrome is unknown. Contact lenses are created for continuous monitoring of the pressure in the eyes of the astronauts, and scientists hope that this information will help them to understand what happens to that body in weightlessness.

As a joke by the participants of the program “SpaceX Polaris Dawn”, even if nothing will come of it, they’ll be the first to start a fashion for wearing the accessory “eyes of an astronaut”. Although the time to pose for social networks, they will have little in the framework of the mission will be the first of 38 complex experiments with 23 affiliate programs.
Source — Reddit