Near the village of Kovalivka found the body of head of logistics and logistics of national police of Poltava Igor Kompaniets.

Details told the publication “FACTS”.

Man no signs of life seen in the vicinity of the forest by local residents on June 12 . Distance was Opel Combo of the deceased.

Near the body was a hunting rifle, according to preliminary data Kompaniets committed suicide.

“Witnesses interviewed claim that Opel stood at the plantation for three days”, – commented the head of Department of communication Department of the Ministry of internal Affairs in Poltava region Yuri Suhl.

Near Kovalevka the deceased was a cottage, the family were not declared the missing men.

It is worth saying that in 2016 Kompaniets passed on a number of articles of the criminal code.

He and several employees were accused of Grand larceny of gasoline A-92 fleet of UMVD in the amount of 1 million by making false information in the documentation.

In 2017, the criminal proceedings were discontinued. But last year, internal security of national police, with the assistance of the RRG from the suspects carried out searches at the place of work.

Then the security forces seized documents, a criminal case was opened again.

We will remind, in Kiev the driver of the escalator at work found the body of missing man who vanished in February 2020. It turned out that he was killed by a colleague during a quarrel, after which with the help of another taxi driver took the body and buried in the landing.

We also wrote that the man staged a massacre near Kiev, resulting in killing two men and the sister of the murderer. Elderly mother’s attacker managed to survive.

Nadezhda Nikitina