Fans noticed that Carol hides the tummy.

The singer and coach of vocal show “the Voice” Tina got a role in Ukrainian Comedy series “Velik Vuyki”.

The first photo from the set posted on the fan page of the actress in “Instagram”.

However, the attention of fans attracted by the fact that Tina covered her tummy with a hand. In the Network pop-singer immediately suspected in pregnancy. Fans assume that Karol will hide the news about the new addition as long as the tummy will not become too visible.

“Everyone noticed that Tenochca tummy somehow ambiguous closed?)))” writes wearer Network.

“Tina, you and Dan can already congratulate with the imminent completion? You all Shine with happiness,” added another.

“Dan and Tina become parents??? If so, so happy for you. You are such a beautiful couple,” commented a photo fan.

Recall, Tina had demonstrated a handstand. Performing the exercise in a compromising position, the singer has trimmed its curvy shape.

See also: Tina and Dan Balan caught on camera backstage of the vocal show “voice of the country – 10”. The video perfectly shows how artists first hand, and then prinimaut each other. Fans of the pair are sure, artists have long together, but for some reason don’t want to be seen with in public.

Alena Doroshenko