The Russian foreign Ministry said that “Russia continues to adhere strictly to the announced moratorium on nuclear testing, and to perform the provisions of the CTBT in terms of test ban, despite the fact that the Treaty has not entered into force.”

  • RIA Novosti

A statement published on the website of the foreign Ministry of Russia.

The Ministry said that the “American claims” that Russia allegedly violated the moratorium on nuclear testing, conducting nuclear experiments that do not meet the standards of the United States “zero power”, are not supported by any evidence.

The foreign Ministry said that “the Americans themselves admit that they do not know anything about the number of such experiments in 2019 or whether they do”. They stressed that Russia, proceeding from its international obligations, “should not follow any “standards” in the field of nuclear tests.”

Earlier the Russian foreign Ministry said that “we have to say serious deterioration of the situation” surrounding the Treaty on comprehensive ban of nuclear tests.