The head of the Ministry of foreign Affairs Dmytro Kuleba told
the war in the East of Ukraine largely depends on Russia’s position, which
demands that Kiev began to engage in direct dialogue with the Donbas. However, for the government
this is a “red line” which they do not intend to cross.

It is reported Диалог.UA with reference to his speech at “Radio
NV,” which is on Youtube.

He explained that Russia is deliberately insists on direct
negotiations with Donbass, because he knows that Kiev will not go for it. This
the issue is quite complex and until a solution is found, then
moving will be difficult.

According to Kuleba, in Kiev there is also a list of four
“red lines” that they are not willing to transgress in the matter of Donbass
under any circumstances.

First and foremost is the refusal to engage in dialogue with militants
directly. Secondly, full control over the border with the APU. Third,
it is a complete withdrawal of foreign troops from the territory of Donbass and disarmament
militants before elections. And finally the fourth is that ORDO
after reintegration will not receive the right influence on national decisions.

Prior to that, Dmitry Kuleba compared the Minsk process with the patient
staying in intensive care in critical condition, life support
the device of artificial ventilation of lungs.

Earlier it was reported that representatives of Ukraine in the Tripartite
contact group on Donbas, which meets in Minsk, said about the need
the return of the occupied territories in the Ukrainian legal field.

We will remind, the summit of leaders “Channel
four” to be held in the next few months, and it, in
the opinion of the head of the Office of the President Andriy Yermak, a decision will be made on peace in the Donbas with the exact dates.

Vadim Golovko