January 1, the First channel showed the finale of the seventh season of the show “the Voice.” Until the final stage came the four contestants: ward Sergei Shnurov Rushana Valieva, Sean Hovhannisyan from team Busta, Amirkhan Umayev from Ani Lorak and Peter Zakharov — protégé Konstantin Meladze. At this time, the mentors already did not participate in the vote, the winner was determined by viewers. Their sympathy was on the side of Peter Zakharov. What was the result of the popular project at RT.

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January 1, the First channel held a live broadcast of the final, 13th issue of the seventh season of the show “the Voice.” Their rooms it was represented by four players, who lasted until the final. To the final stage of the project made it one mentee from each coach. From Konstantin Meladze spoke Pyotr Zakharov, the interests of Sergey Shnurov on the stage defended Rushana Valieva. The competition was Amirkhan Umayev team Ani Lorak and ward Basta, Seen Hovhannisyan.

The members of the jury have not participated in the determination of the artist, worthy of the title “best voice of the country”. Evaluated the efforts of the contestants only viewers.

In the first issue of the four finalists sang the Russian version of the famous Christmas song Mariah Carey All I Want for Christmas Is You, written in collaboration with the American composer and producer of Russian origin Walter Afanasieff.

After that, the host Dmitry Nagiyev said a few words about the tragedy in Magnitogorsk, where on the morning of 31 December as a result of domestic gas explosion collapsed the entrance of a house.

“Of course, we could not ignore the tragic events of yesterday in Magnitogorsk, said Nagiyev and asked everyone in the audience to stand in memory of the victims. In our life, miracles happen. I want to tell you the story of the Fokine family, who lived on the fourth floor of this house. The explosion happened when the father was at work. At home were his wife and two children. During the explosion, and her eldest son were saved. But 11-month-old Vanya, who quietly slept in his crib in the next room, was under the rubble.

And today, in a moment of silence the two rescuers managed to hear a child’s cry to uncover the debris and rescue the child. He was sent to a special medical plane, and we hope he’ll be okay. I want to let you know the names of these the rescuers: Colonel Peter Gritsenko and captain Andrew Wallmann”.

At this point in the hall there was applause, and he continued:

“Today the President of Russia expressed his gratitude to these heroes, these guys and personally thanked for a job well done. God forbid”.

Then the tradition of “the Voice” finalists sang a duet with their mentors. The first was made by Sean Hovhannisyan and that’s that.

“The enthusiasm I saw Vasily Mikhailovich (Vakulenko, the name of the rapper Basta. — RT) in the cafeteria,” commented Nagiyev expression mentor.

The Duo presented the song Basta Stay, released just a few days ago. In the artist’s discography, it was the second in English, in addition, Basta was first sung, not read a rap.

As he told the artist, “writing and look for words in their native language,” he said very unusual experience. “Was a ballad, lyrical and special for me the track that we (the Association Gazgolder. — RT) decided to end the year,” he said.

“Pathos, show-off, and the money, a Great English song with a slight Rostov dialect. Along with these, Seen Oganesyan,” said Nagiyev.

The following Duo — Amirkhan Umayev and Ani Lorak — opted for performances of the song mentor “Bring back my love”, published on the tenth Studio album of Ukrainian singer “15” in 2007. It is noteworthy that in the original she performed a duet with Valery Meladze — the younger brother of Konstantin Meladze, and lorac, which debuted this season of “the Voice” as a mentor.

Then came the turn of Sergei Shnurov and Rushana Valieva. The leader of the “Leningrad” again for the season has been — together with his ward he performed the song “My voice”, which was written specifically for the finale show.

“My voice is now here for you // And this moment will not happen again, // But I’ll sing for you again, // My dear and strict viewer. // I say thank you for all // For all that has been, or will be, // For what life will present. // My voice let them hear the people,” sang the wires Valieva in the refrain. Perhaps, this song could become a real anthem of the Russian “Voice”.

Konstantin Meladze and Peter Zakharov came out with the song “Again a Blizzard”, the music for which was composed by the mentor. First it was Christina Aguilera and Alla Pugacheva. The track was also heard in the film Timur Bekmambetov’s “the Irony of fate. The sequel”.

Then Nagiev has announced a solo contestants: “a Magic kick from mentors took place, then the participants will have to bear the burden of finals on their own.”

Seen Hovhannisyan presented the song of David Tukhmanov words by Leonid Fadeev “Chistye Prudy”. It became a hit in 1987, when the festival “song of the year” it played Igor talc.

Ward was replaced by Basta Amirkhan Umayev, who continued “the Italian theme” final steps with the most famous essay Jimmy Fountains — Il Mondo. By the way, on the arrangement of the original recording worked great composer Ennio Morricone.

“Ah, Amirkhan… And whispered and shouted. That is to say, the method of carrot and stick. And we, the masochists-the sweet tooth, like it,” concluded Harvey.

Rushana Valieva made the “City of gold”, primarily associated with Boris Grebenshchikov and group “the Aquarium”. However, the BG is not the author of the song: the text was written for her by the poet Henri Volokhonsky, and the author of music uncertain. The most common version, it was Soviet guitarist and lutenist Vladimir Vavilov, who in 1970 released the album “Lute music XVI—XVII centuries”, attributing the authorship of this tune Francesco da Milano.

“I remember this song when we first kissed. Long ago it was… if you Remember me, Margarita?” noted with nostalgia the host of “the Voice.”

Peter Zaharov, in turn, did not make major changes to your retroreflector. From his first song “Russian field” from the movie “the New adventures elusive.”

“Oh, our team is young, playful and modern! And Peter Zakharov — not” — a little criticized singer Nagiyev.

In the first round was eliminated, Shaan Hovhannisyan — his room was really the least convincing. Finally, he sang the famous Let It Snow Sammy Cahn and Jules Stein.

“I am a bit jealous: he can finish yesterday’s jelly,” he joked at the end of the performance, the leading.

To open the third round fell to Amirkhan Umaeva — he came out with the song of Oleg Gazmanov “Mother” from the 1996 album “Tramp”. It was really touching: behind the artist on a huge screen appeared family photos, and the camera was focused on the face nestroganoj mother of the singer sitting in the audience.

When the music subsided, usually irony over everyone Nagiyev commented on the room very seriously: “every season, one of our contestants is always singing a song dedicated to my mom. Perhaps this is our tribute to the moms that were with us when we had a hard time when it was easy for us when we were happy or the contrary… Today the mother of Amirkhan Umayev in the hall. He is a happy man: his mother was alive,” said the presenter.

Then appeared on the scene Rushana Valieva, sang the hit Britney Spears Toxic. Of course, not without a witty arrangements that turned everything on its head. Most composition in reading Valieva (and his producer) said material of the French group Nouvelle Vague, at the time Peregonovka almost all key post-punk to Bossa Nova.

Rounded out the three finalists Peter Zakharov, presenting his own translation of the foreign songs. This time his choice fell on the Je suis malade Serge Lama, the most famous in the performance of the icon of French chanson Dalida.

By the decision of the audience left Valieva. When both the other party said goodbye to the girl, she was approached Harvey and said a few warm words to the contestants.

“We Rousanou met a long time ago. She came to the project “Voice. Children” and then turned to nobody (talking about the first season of the show, goes in 2014. — RT). But today she did the impossible: she has made a huge step towards your great life victory. I believe that you are the adornment of our project,” said Nagiyev.

After Rushana said farewell acceptance speech, Harvey added: “we Hope that very soon your name will be decorated by large posters of great concerts”.

Descending from the stage, the girl was in the arms of his mentor, who several times repeated that she was done.

“Sergei, you’ll sit with us? Sit down, please… But, really, where you go,” quipped sentimentality Shnurov host.

By the way, the frontman of Leningrad (absolutely deserved that noted Nagiyev), the audience recognized as the best coach seventh season — Basta did not save even the fact that he distributed to all the colleagues and leading on the stuffed pig, the symbol of 2019.

Despite the fact that in the previous two stages Umayev received more votes from viewers (72.9% in the quarter finals and 81.3% in the semifinals), winning (quite expected) in the project was won by Pyotr Zakharov. He got 54.1% of the vote.

After the Declaration of results ward Meladze sang “Darkie”, once again confirming that the manner of performance of Muslim Magomayev, and Joseph Kobzon, and many today find relevant.

Ended the seventh season of the show “the Voice” with the joint performance of all participants of the Russian version of The Winner Takes It All ABBA. Prior to that, she was played in the finale of “the Voice” (including a children’s version of the show) three times already.