Ex-tornadoes Onishchenko “tortured” themselves to boot

KIEV. 7 Dec. UNN. A former company commander of special forces “Tornado” Ruslan Onishchenko himself was beaten in prison tarpaulin boots. This is stated in the video, the State criminal-Executive service, published on Facebook, reports UNN.

The guards, as seen in the video, along with a jail employee came into the chamber, where Ruslan Onishchenko, to deliver it to the court. However, once an employee of the detention center entered the cell, the former tornadoes took the tarpaulin boots and began to beat himself on the head. At the same time, the video shows that the employee of the detention center stood only at the entrance to the chamber, and the guards at all outside.

Note that the last defender Onishchenko reported on his page in Facebook the information that the client tried to strangle in prison.

As reported by UNN, in the Kiev pre-trial detention on 9 August occurred the revolt of prisoners of the former fighters of special forces “Tornado” after it came to searches.

Note, prisoners are former employees of the company “Tornado” with the complicity of the employees of “Kyiv detention facility” aversively grave and especially grave crimes.

The actions of individual members of an organized group and its organizer is additionally qualified as actions, aimed at the Commission of attempted murder of law enforcement officers in connection with the performance of these official duties.

In addition, the ex-commander of “Tornado”, which is the organizer of crimes and ex-soldiers of the said company, also it is reported about suspicion of committing a crime under part 1 of article 14 of part 2 of article 393 of the criminal code (preparation to escape from custody).