“Mayonnaise invaders”: the Georgian official’s error appeared in Russian advertising

Saved the page of the magazine City Magazine in the Google cache

The heads of the press services of the defense Ministry, the presidential administration and Service tax has starred in commercials Russian mayonnaise “Sloboda”. The appeared in the journal City. After a wave of negative official stated that he did not know about the ad shoot and thought the Ukrainian product, according to “360”

The heads of the press services of the Ministry of defence of Georgia Nino Tolordava, the press service of the AP, ECA, Mishveladze and Services tax Khatia, moistsrapishvili participated in a commercial shoot mayonnaise “Sloboda” for the journal Sity. Sponsor of new year headings, the heroines of which have become employees of state agencies, was made by a Russian company. The publication with the image posted on the website and the page log in Facebook, but almost immediately under the post began to receive negative reader comments, and the article had to be removed.

Tolordava said that before the photo shoot did not even know what will be in the ad, I was sure that Sloboda – Ukrainian brand, and never buy Russian products, because it “adheres to the Euro-Atlantic course”.

“For me this is a big problem, I didn’t know that this is a Russian company, thought Ukrainian. Moreover, I didn’t know it was a commercial shoot, and was sure that this is a common photo shoot. I was surprised to discover that I am involved in advertising. I was in a very complicated story, it was unexpected for me,” she explained to the newspaper Netgazeti. Other participants of the photo shoot also stated that he knew nothing about “the occupation”.

Meanwhile, the editor and founder of ECA choperia says that the servants knew perfectly well that we are talking about the advertising shots of Russian mayonnaise. However, the journalist said that the picture belonged to the category of Product placement, not to advertising.

Georgian political analyst Gela Vasadze said that similar cases with advertising Russian products occur periodically. However, the situation with mayonnaise he called “out of the ordinary” as the shooting lit the civil servants.

“Unfortunately, it says only that between Russia and Georgia, countries which objectively should not be any problems, they are still there. First – Abkhazia, the second – the so-called South Ossetia. And while these issues are not resolved, such a situation will arise,” he said.

The analyst said that to be in the ad of Russian products on the Georgian laws not prohibited, but because of the alleged Russian occupation of Georgia’s regions participation in such events is considered shameful. “If they knew, they would not have so substituted,” – said Vasadze. However, according to him, the officials hardly waiting for a reprimand or a penalty for shooting in advertising, and a public reprimand – a form of psychological pressure.

Earlier, the new President of Georgia Salome Zurabishvili said in a column for the newspaper Financial Timesthat he sees his victory in the recent elections as a victory for Europe and the West. The newly elected Georgian President also stresses that the country is a close military ally of the European Union and the United States.

“However, Russia still an aggressive occupying one-fifth of our state as of 2008. We need solid support of the West to restore our territorial integrity through diplomacy,” – says Zurabishvili. According to her, the society that sought a democratic and progressive society with the Western model, should now fight for these values.