Employees of power companies Surkises years do not receive payment for the dismissal and salaries – courts

KIEV. April 28. UNN. JSC “Zaporizhiaoblenergo” years of not paying wages to its employees. Employees are forced to defend their rights in court. This is evidenced by data from the Uniform registry of court decisions, reports UNN.

One of those lawsuits was filed by the employee of PJSC in April of this year. The plaintiff asked the court to charge “zaporizhzhyaoblenergo” funds in the amount of 84.2 per thousand. Talking about the average earnings of the worker of the company for the time delay calculation for the period from November 9, 2018 to may 7, 2019.

Another similar lawsuit against the JSC was filed by an employee of the company in February of this year. In the document the plaintiff asked the court to charge the company in their favor 35,3 thousand UAH of average earnings during delay calculation termination during the period from November 2, 2018 to March 13, 2019.

In both cases considers the Ordzhonikidze district court of Zaporozhye

In July 2019, one of the employees filed a claim for the recovery of 46 thousand UAH of debt on a salary. In February 2020, the court ordered “zaporizhzhyaoblenergo” to pay funds to the plaintiff.

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Note, “zaporizhzhyaoblenergo” appears in the criminal proceedings NABOO about the so-called energy schemes “Kryuchkov-Surkises” through “the Grid”.

The results of the investigation, the former head of “the Grid” Dmitry Kryuchkov already got a suspicion.

The last is called “the man of Surkis,” at least for the reasons that are available in the media of telephone conversations Kryuchkov, Konenenko, Surkis and others, is discussed including the question of delivery of money to the office of Surkis (at the stadium “Dynamo”).

Themselves Surkis status of suspects in manufacturing do not yet have, although he was questioned.

Furthermore, during searches of the offices of “Dynamo”, the detectives NAB seized documents that subsequently WACHS admitted, on energy deals “the Grid”.

Reference: minority owners of “Zaporizhiaoblenergo” are the Ukrainian oligarchs, the Surkis brothers.

On related company “Lex Perfecta” (Cyprus) recorded of 16.52% of the company.