Distribution map COVID-19 in Kiev: nearly 300 cases in Pechersk

KIEV. April 27. UNN. As of April 27, only the capital has already recorded 1220 cases COVID-19 caused by a coronavirus infection. Most of them are found in the Pechersk district of the city – 298 cases. A corresponding map published in the Telegram-the mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko, reports UNN.

“Laboratory-confirmed cases were added in the following areas:
Caves +23
– Shevchenko +1
– Solomenskiy +1
– Dnipro +1
– Svyatoshinskiy +0
– Desnyanskiy +2
– Podilsky +0
– Goloseevskiy +0
– Obolonskiy +3
– Darnytskyi +1″, – wrote Klitschko, speaking of cases reported over the past day.

Based on data released on Klitschko the map, areas where there were detected the most cases of the total number of caves (298), type (179), Solomenskiy (118) and Holosiyivsky (115).

Less cases of type (69), Obolon (74) and Podolsk (56) areas.

As reported UNN, the number of Kiev, who for the past day, the laboratory confirmed the disease coronavirus has increased to 32 people.