In annexed Crimea are currently looking for Leonid Osharin, Deputy Minister of culture in the government of Moscow. This is reported by Russian media.

At the end of March, shortly before his disappearance, Asarin moved to Krasnodar Krai on business, then he went through the Kerch bridge in the occupied Peninsula. What made him to do so, remains a mystery, but we already know that the last time the official saw in Yalta.

According to witnesses, he exited the cab. Nothing more about the fate of the missing Deputy Minister of culture of the government of Moscow is unknown; at the time of disappearance he was 47 years old.

Leonid Asarin had a reputation in the cultural circles of Moscow well-known figure: before becoming an officer, he was Director of the Moscow academic Mayakovsky theater; also was Director of theatre Et Cetera under the overall guidance of Alexander Kalyagin and headed the production rate of the School-Studio MXAT.

Earlier, we reported that well-known Soviet and Russian actress of theatre and cinema Alexander Yakovlev did not take any one of her three phones, a few days, she did not give about itself to know anything. Sources talked about the fact that the actress worsening of the cancer, which the star of “the Crew” nobody wants to see and hear.

We were also told that another Russian actress Anastasia Zavorotnyuk, which is struggling with a brain tumor, is not in Russia. This conclusion was made by the bailiffs.