Czech Republic was the first European country opened its borders after the start of the pandemic

alexeynovikov / DepositPhotos

The Czech authorities decided to open the borders and removed the restriction on the movement of residents around the country. On the gradual abolition of measures imposed to prevent the spread of coronavirus, the website Novinky with reference to the Minister of health Adam Adalbert.

Now the citizens will be able to travel abroad even on vacation, but when you return they will have to go to a two-week quarantine, or to provide a certificate about the absence of in their body COVID-19. The document will be valid for no more than four days from the date of delivery of the analysis.

In addition, today the Czech government abolishes restrictions on free movement in the country and will allow groups up to 10 people to gather in public places. “We did exceptionally well to cope with the pandemic in the Czech Republic,” commented Wojciech restrictions.

Before the Minister has proposed to partially lift the ban on restrictions to allow Czechs to travel to countries with a low level of infection of coronavirus: Slovakia or Croatia. In turn, Czech President Milos Zeman said that the borders of the Republic, closed in March because of the epidemic of the coronavirus, should be open not earlier than in a year. According to him, in case of full lifting of restrictions on entry and exit from the Republic there is a danger that it again penetrates the coronavirus. “In any case, we will rely on the advice of doctors,” – said Zeman.

Meanwhile, the country gradually began to relax quarantine measures. So, since April 7, citizens of the Czech Republic can exercise outdoors and not to use medical masks, however, a requirement is to observe social distance in public places, which is not less than 2 metres. In addition, will operate the hardware store and some workshops, as well as point of selling goods for a hobby.