Antibodies to the coronavirus found in more than 2.5 million residents of the state of new York / DepositPhotos

The research conducted among the 3 thousand people in the state of new York, showed the presence of antibodies to coronavirus was 13.9% of the residents, said the state Governor, Andrew Cuomo. His words leads RIA “Novosti”.

The number of people infected with coronavirus in the United States currently stands at 172 869 thousand persons, from them 49 thousand 963 people died. 16 388 thousand of those deaths occurred in new York, which became one of the epicenters of the disease.

“We had the large, comprehensive study in the state of new York, to ascertain the infection rate. We have preliminary data from the first phase, and we will continue them. The studies were conducted in grocery stores, etc., i.e., we test people who are by definition not sitting at home,” said Cuomo at a press conference. In his words, antibodies to fight infection was identified in 13.9 percent of the test, suggesting that the overall level of infection is about 2.7 million.

Earlier, the Governor of the state of new York has been criticized by President trump, who said that the US administration has provided the authorities of the state of thousands of beds, the ventilators and other equipment, as well as funding, but all who helped the state, have not heard of votes from Cuomo.

“Absurd Cuomo wanted to “40 thousand ICU”. We gave him a small amount, and they had had enough. The state had to have them in stock!” the President stressed, saying that Cuomo “should spend more time on “doing” and less to “complain”.